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box brownie panoramas // flinders island, 2015

This selection of Box Brownie Panoramas were captured during a 5-week artist residency on Flinders Island, Tasmania in late 2014. The panoramas are unconventional landscape photographs presenting a world where the linear stream of time is fractured and overlapped amongst exposures; where past, present and memory merge as one.

This series utilizes the basic function of a 1930’s box camera to create imagery through multiple, in-camera exposures inspired by the ambiguous and ever changing nature of the sky and its relationship to the landscape below.

Each image has an edition of 8:
5 small prints (approx 30cm x 100cm) & 3 large prints (approx 60 x 200cm)

box brownie colour panorama #19

30x96cm // 60x191cm
edition of 8

box brownie colour panorama #20

30x56cm // 60x112cm
edition of 8

box brownie colour panorama #22

30x99cm // 60x199cm
edition of 8

box brownie panorama #16

30x128cm // 60x255cm
edition of 8

box brownie colour panorama #21

30x73cm // 60x145cm
edition of 8

box brownie panorama #17

30x99cm // 60x177cm
edition of 8

box brownie colour panorama #23

30x105cm // 60x209cm
edition of 8